2017 – Mr Holly’s Busiest Year

Well, so much for my intention to write a post every month in 2017….. I see my last one was written 3 days into the new year and here I am writing the follow-up 3 days before the end of the same year. My defence is twofold: 1) it was an unexpectedly busy & brilliant year so it just never became a priority and 2) I only have 1  reader anyway… so it just never became a priority.

Only my second full year as a freelancer, 2017 was genuinely pretty incredible for me. Main projects included: ‘Orbis Motus’, a young producer’s orchestral project with Manchester Camerata & the LOV Young People’s Programme; Programming & delivering 2 arts/community festivals with Peterborough Presents; On Site Producer for Rosa Productions’ Greenham: War & Peace ’17, Creative Producer for the Illuminati event at the Stamford Georgian Festival for SKDC and Street Producer for the biennial Frequency Festival.

Alongside these, I also worked with ESBC to continue programming the Brewhouse Arts Centre in Burton-on-Trent, with Graham Oppenheimer to deliver a series of concerts at Doddington Hall, with Egg Box Theatre to help plan a tour of their children’s show The Moon & Me and also with Compassionate Lincoln to twice bring the area under Pelham Bridge in Lincoln to life with community events in the summer and at Christmas. In addition I worked with Stokes Coffee and m’colleague Steve Gillard to bring the upstairs theatre space at The Lawn (now renamed The Blue Room) to new life, with the University of Lincoln and artist Hetain Patel to create & deliver the final aspects of the 1215.Today project and with colleagues at Open Plan to deliver a new Cultural Strategy for Lincolnshire. I continued to be a proud Board member of Tom Dale Company and also Zest Theatre which celebrated its tenth birthday in November and I carried on working as a member of the Spud Collective to deliver the occasional Lincoln MashUp creative networking sessions. Plus I moved house too…. maybe that’s why it felt so busy?

And 2018? Well, I’m very excited to be part of the Production Team for the next Gravity Fields Festival at the end of September, but other than that it’s looking fairly quiet at the time of writing, but that’s to be expected … and I’m not panicking. Well not yet anyway.

Wishing my reader a happy, creative & exciting new year : )