Big thanks to the nameless decade

Well the most wonderful time of the year is all but over, so it must be time for Mr Holly’s annual review. I know my reader is on tenterhooks so I won’t keep Mrs Holly waiting any longer…

So 2019 was certainly a busy year for me and I have to say it’s been a pretty good decade overall – ten years full of changes, developments, achievements and of course mistakes.

For me the year itself included the Emerge Festival in Spalding, the first Spilsby Light Night, the amazing Bridge project led by Imagineer Productions, the Stamford Georgian Festival working with the brilliant Electric Egg, the fifth Frequency Festival of Digital Culture, as well as ongoing work on the Artsmark scheme for schools and a stint as the Acting Project Manager for the Lincolnshire One Venues Project. Not a bad haul. Many thanks to Arts Council England, SKDC & InvestSK, Threshold Studios, The Mighty Creatives, LOV & the University of Lincoln and Imagineer Productions for the work and the support.

The Spilsby Project was a really big step for me as it was the first project for which I was personally responsible (alongside m’colleague Andy Johnson-Smith) as opposed to working for other organisations to deliver projects on their behalf. I learned a great deal from it and am very excited that ACE has funded me for a second bigger event in March 2020.

The start of this decade seems an age ago – in January 2010 I was still the Director of Lincoln Drill Hall, in fact the venue hadn’t even become an independent charitable organisation at that point. If someone had told me then that in 10 years’ time I would have left the venue several years beforehand and been a reasonably successful independent creative producer for nearly 5 years I would have rudely laughed in their faces. And then apologised obviously.

The first year of the new decade for me will include the second ACE supported Spilsby Light Night on 7th March and very excitingly the Gravity Fields Festival of Arts & Science in and around Grantham from 24-27 September… alongside continuing on the Boards of the mighty Zest Theatre and the incredible Tom Dale Company. And who knows what else and where the rest of the decade will lead… I’m going to try to do an occasional email newsletter in 2020 for anyone who’s interested in knowing what I am up to (Mrs Holly?!) so let me know if you want to sign up!

In the meantime creative love to all and bring on the roaring Twenties : )

Mr Holly X