Janus – looking back and forward…

Happy New Year everyone : )

Slightly oddly I’ve always liked January… many people just seem to see it as a bleak expanse of nothing after the excitement of Christmas, but for me I just love the sense of a new start, of new possibilities and of the chance to draw a line under stuff that happened in the previous year that wasn’t great.

Janus, the two-headed god who looked both back and forward always seemed like a sensible kind of guy to me – one eye (well, head) on the past and all the lessons learned, but the other looking forward to any opportunities that might be on their way.

Working in the creative sector it’s essential to do exactly that all the time… to learn from your mistakes and successes and to plough back anything you’ve learned into new projects and plans. As a freelancer it’s even more important as your ability to pay your bills will depend on it!

I was extremely lucky that 2016 (my first full year as a freelance producer) was such a busy and successful one, but there is no guarantee that 2017 will follow suit – unless I work hard to learn the lessons from last year and constantly strive to do my best and look forward to delivering new opportunities with renewed energy and vigour…

Well, I can try anyway.

Here’s to an exciting & creative new year for us all and to looking forward and back.

Cheers Janus!