Mr Holly’s Christmas

So today is my last day of work before the Christmas break – not exactly a newsworthy item I know, but it’s significant for me as this is my first festive season not working for Lincoln Drill Hall since 2003 and that means a proper Christmas break. The Drill Hall like many other mixed use venues and theatres, relies on its panto, not just to generate very significant sums of money, but also to bring very significant numbers of people through its doors – and it’s also a magical time for children and families…. well, aside from the incredible mess it generates, the inevitable vomiting and the knackered staff, that is.

But for me after a final meeting and finishing a last report today, I will be able to switch off the computer, hang up the phone, put the car keys away and start my Christmas shopping…. And I can’t wait to go to the Drill Hall to see Snow White a few days after Christmas knowing nothing about it at all!

Happy Christmas to my reader… and a massive thanks to everyone I have worked with in 2015. Very excited for all the projects & possibilities coming up in 2016 🙂